Multi-elastic sofa covers

All our one piece multi-elastic sofa covers besides of being elastic in both vertical and horizontal direction, have high level of elasticity which enables perfect fit. As you can see on the video, each sofa cover comes with 4 pcs polyurethane bars, which should be put in all intersection points along the back and armrest parts. Once everything is in place, these bars must be hidden inside intersection points. In this way the bars provide additional pressure, stopping fabric to come back to surface. Again, like this we achieve perfect fit. Finally multi elastic sofa covers also have elastic band which you should wrap under the sofa fixing definitely sofa cover position.
Multi-elastic sofa covers are available for: arm chairs, 2 seat sofas, 3 seat sofas and 4 seat sofas. In case of arm chair for perfect fit needless to have polyurethane bars. It is indeed necessary for all 2,3 and 4 seat sofas.

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